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United States

A Californian Wine Company



Erin Pooley

Winemaker and Owner

Erin Pooley was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. Before relocating to California, she graduated from Charles Sturt University with a degree in Applied Wine Science. She has been making wine worldwide since 2007. Mostly for other people, and now for herself!

Enamored with the nuance and intrigue of white wine with bottle age, Erin is pursing her dream with Semillon from Lake County, California. The wines are intentionally held back and released with maturity!

2012 is the first release for Wei Chi Wine Company! 2013 will be released in the Spring of 2016. 

Erin is (unfortunately) not related to the great Pooley Family of Tasmania but recommends that you check out their wines here.


The name comes from the 64th Hexagram of the I Ching. Wei Chi can be translated as 'before completion'.

The I Ching is one of the oldest classical chinese texts and is also known as the Book of Changes.


Erin Pooley's approach to winemaking is built on this philosophy of evolution. No vintage will be the same as the last, the wines will never be finished. We (and the wines) are in a constant state of change. Wei Chi: Before Completion.